Chinese New Year

Today is multi-celebrational (I might have just invented that word) on so many levels.

Back at home there is a tussle between Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. Here neither of those get much of a look in here as it’s Chinese New Year which is HUGE for us.

Streets and Shopping Malls have gone to town on decorations to rival their Christmas ones

The school had a special celebration with a dress up day for the juniors. They looked splendid in their red and gold outfits.

The library joined in. This is Tub one of our newest library assistants looking very dashing. Kevin said it was the ‘wear matching outfits to work day’!!! I have to say that the blouse was actually quite heavy/thick material so I got very hot!!!

In the morning the Chinese department organised a dragon dance performance. It was quite spectacular and the videos I took will be on Facebook as I can’t upload them to WordPress. Here are some photos though

The performance involved dramatic acrobatics in lion costumes! I was impressed. I have seen Chinese New Year parades in Soho and this was several notches above that.

Then the parents committee put on a massive spread of Chinese snacks. The objective being to sample food that you might not otherwise have tasted. There was SO much left over that I am now completely stuffed with spring rolls, custard filled dumplings and moon cakes. All totally delicious.

And to top all that excitement it is also our wedding anniversary…

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