Nai Lert

The Nai Lert Heritage House and Museum is a hidden gem in the centre of such a bustling modern city and I am so glad to have been taken to it this weekend.

The home of an extremely wealthy Thai businessman has been restored and opened to the public as a museum in 2015. It comprises two teak houses joined together and surrounded by a veranda so huge you can fit several full scale dining suites there. It sits alongside one of Bangkok’s canals and nestles in quite extensive lush gardens.

This weekend Kevin went on a football outing to Hua Hin and I think that probably the less said about that the better…

So when my friend Maxine suggested the flower and art show at Nai Lert I was keen to go. I had no idea where it was so the whole day was a delightful surprise.

The flower and art show is only on this weekend and basically it does what it says on the tin. Floral displays and art installations scattered together in the gardens of the house. It reminded me of a very small scale Chelsea Flower Show as displays were submitted by companies and individuals (I think – the notices were all in Thai so I couldn’t tell exactly)

This one came second although I think it was my favourite. It comprises intricate folded petals to make the shapes.

I was just blown away by the work that had gone into every little detail


The actual winner was more abstract and used drift wood and a flower of gorgeous colour which was probably quite rare. Possibly some sort of orchid?

There was a craft fair, flower display workshops, a food market, live music and other entertainment . It was certainly very popular but didn’t at any point feel too crowded. We paid 150 baht entrance fee which is about £3.37! Then we were allowed into the house and museum free.

I have included some of my photos here. They are very colourful and detailed. Some of these are from a category called ‘wedding collection’

Unfortunately I am not a botanist and have no idea what any of these plants/ flowers actually are. Maybe some of you can enlighten me.

I do know a lily pond when I see one though. This site was apparently bombed at some point so the crater turned into the lily pond. This is the most colourful one I have seen

And this one has the largest lily pads that I have seen for a while!

The floral mandala was an intricate carpet and the perfume rising from all the petals was heavenly. I could have stood breathing in the aroma for hours.

And interspersed between the flower arrangements were little bits of art

Then, just when I thought we had seen it all we went into the house and found these displays of folded banana leaves which were used as table decorations. Coming from the ‘plonk a bunch in a vase’ school of flower arranging, I was seriously impressed! These must have taken some time and skill to produce.

All in all that was £3.37 well spent!

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