Not pretty cities

The architecture in the modern Chinese cities that we have visited leaves a little to be desired. These massively populated urban sprawls have developed extremely rapidly over the past few decades as millions have flocked in seeking work. This has required a humongous building program of apartment blocks to accommodate this swelling tide of migration, some of which is government led and some private.

Unfortunately, in my opinion the designs of these apartment blocks is uniform, functional unappealing and quite frankly brutal.

Mile after mile the cityscape does not change and gives a feeling of being on a ginormous country-wide council estate!

You get the picture…

Some of the private developers have cut corners and there is even one famous case in 2008 of a block just falling over!

Fortunately it was still under construction so there were limited casualties. Even so I was fascinated that this was a possibility! It is a good job that it fell into empty ground and didn’t cause a domino effect on surrounding blocks!

Having said all that every so often you turn a corner and are pleasantly surprised but s building with a little more flair to it

Or a more interesting shape

The growth of the upper middle class here is having an effect on the landscape. It will be interesting to watch how this develops.

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