The Bullet Train

We finished our little tripette with a ride on the Maglev from Pudong airport into the city (close-ish) to where we live

For the train enthusiasts among you, we travelled 30km or 19 miles in exactly 8 minutes and went at 300 km per hour

It was after 5pm so we only went at 300kph whereas during the rush hours the speeds are up to 430 Kph.

The world’s first low speed Maglev ran 600m and was the airport shuttle in Birmingham. Kevin used to ride on it for kicks and remembers it being free.

This bullet train was opened on 31st Dec 2012 and it was & remains the first and only commercially successful Maglev in operation. It is also the fastest commercial electric train in the world.

And the experience? Well it was a smooth ride but not as smooth as the high speed train we had taken last time we were here. However there was a bit of a typhoon raging outside which have accounted for that.

All that for only 50 RMB which is approx £5.70. Bargain.

One thought on “The Bullet Train

  1. I enjoyed a bullet train in South Korea.
    When travelling on it I didn’t really notice the speed but once I was outside and watching it go by I did!


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