Lotus flowers

Lotus flowers have been influential in cultures across the world from ancient times to today. The meaning of a lotus flower ranges from divine purity and enlightenment in Buddhism to wealth in Hinduism and rebirth in ancient Egyptian religions.

In Thailand lotus flowers are used in religious ceremonies to denote purity of speech, mind and body. Different colours of lotus flowers are symbolic. There are four colours.

White is for spiritual perfection

Red represents the heart

Blue means wisdom and knowledge

Pink represents the Buddha and is the supreme lotus.

Thank you to Philippa Hope for the gift of this blackwork lotus kit. It is now completed and ready to be hung on the wall. I have to say that FINDING a picture framer probably took as long as it did to stitch the piece. Thai directions are not always very accurate and the shop we did find was disguised as a photo developing establishment. Still we got there in the end and I am very pleased with the result. Thank you.WIN_20171008_08_14_53_Pro

Wai Kru official photo

Under the weather and some voluntary work 

Having a sore throat and streaming cold in a tropical climate is no fun. Inappropriate bodily thermostat regulation in extreme heat & air con is quite challenging. How on earth did I get a cold for heavens sake- it’s sweltering here!!! Anyway the good thing is that the school has a nurse on site and a GP visits weekly for more serious illnesses. Appointments are always available (unlike the NHS) I popped in & the nurse sprayed my throat & gave me lozenges which have really helped. It’s brilliant & I’ve managed to carry on working.

One of the nice things I did at the weekend was a story time session at the Neilson Hays Library which is an international library established in 1869 and run by an all women’s committee. I am pictured here with Lori from San Francisco who organises the sessions. It was great fun. Boat themed stories finishing off with my T Shirt oral story which always gets a wow. (I have no idea why some pictures have duplicated here… or how to remove them!)


Slightly boring day as we have had an early start to ship all of us newbie staff off to another school. We are waiting here for the ministry of Labour to come and process our work permits.

The new Head is away at a conference so his family had to go to the visa office to complete this part of the process during the week. A member of staff from school went at 6.30am to start queuing, they got there at 8.30, in at 10.30 and then the computer system crashed so everyone was sent home!!!

In the absence of anything more interesting I am posting some pictures of the beautiful flowers we have seen here. As with any tropical country the flora are particularly brilliant hues and usual shapes. Enjoy.