Lotus flowers

Lotus flowers have been influential in cultures across the world from ancient times to today. The meaning of a lotus flower ranges from divine purity and enlightenment in Buddhism to wealth in Hinduism and rebirth in ancient Egyptian religions.

In Thailand lotus flowers are used in religious ceremonies to denote purity of speech, mind and body. Different colours of lotus flowers are symbolic. There are four colours.

White is for spiritual perfection

Red represents the heart

Blue means wisdom and knowledge

Pink represents the Buddha and is the supreme lotus.

Thank you to Philippa Hope for the gift of this blackwork lotus kit. It is now completed and ready to be hung on the wall. I have to say that FINDING a picture framer probably took as long as it did to stitch the piece. Thai directions are not always very accurate and the shop we did find was disguised as a photo developing establishment. Still we got there in the end and I am very pleased with the result. Thank you.WIN_20171008_08_14_53_Pro

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