Under the weather and some voluntary work 

Having a sore throat and streaming cold in a tropical climate is no fun. Inappropriate bodily thermostat regulation in extreme heat & air con is quite challenging. How on earth did I get a cold for heavens sake- it’s sweltering here!!! Anyway the good thing is that the school has a nurse on site and a GP visits weekly for more serious illnesses. Appointments are always available (unlike the NHS) I popped in & the nurse sprayed my throat & gave me lozenges which have really helped. It’s brilliant & I’ve managed to carry on working.

One of the nice things I did at the weekend was a story time session at the Neilson Hays Library which is an international library established in 1869 and run by an all women’s committee. I am pictured here with Lori from San Francisco who organises the sessions. It was great fun. Boat themed stories finishing off with my T Shirt oral story which always gets a wow. (I have no idea why some pictures have duplicated here… or how to remove them!)

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