First Day

The kids are back and the noise levels have risen. I have spent most of the day fielding a flood of returned books in a system I am unfamiliar with – always a challenge!

Anyway I also ‘volunteered’ to speak at both school assemblies. I had a 3 min slot on the subject of ‘renewal’. My first experience of a school assembly since I was at school myself. Anyway I threw some thoughts about the change curve together and got up and said my bit. It was actually a great way to introduce the new librarian to the whole school community. Interestingly all the newbie teachers congratulated me on taking one for the team and said how brave I was to speak in front of the whole school. This surprised me as they are teachers and used to speaking in front of people- ah yes they replied but there were adults there… we wouldn’t do that!!!

I’m the meantime Kevin went to a coffee morning for spouses organised by the Head’s wife. He actually gleaned quite a lot of useful local info from the longer standing spouses. 

It is very different living in a country to being a tourist. We haven’t seen a single temple or palace yet but we can tell you the best place to buy a mop & bucket. 

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