Start of term

Induction, training and orientation are all over. Tomorrow the children arrive. The school is scrubbed, tidied and ready. Here are some photos. I love the fancy tables set outside with the satin cloths. They are all outside safe in the knowledge that they will stay dry. Something you can never guarantee in Britain!

I have already had a little weed and a weeny move around of the stock in the senior library (ok all the fiction) but just moving it up I can free up 3 bays which are going to move to the workroom area and replace cupboards which are moving elsewhere (all in a days work)

In a neat idea we make posters with the 12 favourite titles for each teacher. These are displayed in each classroom and in the library. I have so many that I struggled to narrow it down to just 12. I will post a picture of it when mine is ready.

In the meantime some shots of the school…

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