We are finding our way around the school now. I have located the canteen, staff room and toilets (essential stuff). Today I even had an hour at my new desk (uncomfortable chair so that might get replaced)

On the subject of food we have coffee/tea on arrival with mini pastries and sandwiches (what they call snacks) which are also available at break time. Lunch is a huge buffet with a choice of Thai or western dishes and it’s all FREE!! It’s help yourself to as much as you want…

The school are so very friendly & welcoming and you really feel valued which is great. Nothing is too much trouble and they are very keen that we are settled and happy (& fed)

I got my ID badge yesterday and if you look closely at the picture you will see one of the challenges of working here! Their English is good but not always perfect. So the badge is being changed and there are one or two signs in the library which might get altered…

Induction sessions have been useful & informative but also fun such as the introduction to Thai culture where I learned that a female must not sit next to a monk on public transport and under no circumstances whatsoever should a female touch a monk. Monks are highly respected and we should allow them to pass first on the street. I guess my vicar friends might be a little jealous

The other photo is a lotus flower which we learned how to fold.  More on lotus flowers later as there is a lot of cultural significance attached to them.

Many of the new teachers here are young enough to be my kids so I do feel a little long in the tooth. Last night they got a Zumba group together and invited us along. Neither of us has done Zumba before but in an attempt to get fit we joined in… an hour later we both resembled boiled beetroots and were totally knackered. It was really hard work but I was told this morning that the others were really impressed that we had ‘kept up’ and their parents wouldn’t/couldn’t have done that- so I’m notching that up as a success (even if our backs are complaining a little today)

Anyway, we are off this evening to a drinks party in the Headmaster’s penthouse apartment. Fortunately kevin is feeling better enough to eat/drink. It might be one of the few opportunities to drink wine as it’s really expensive here & we’ve been sticking to local beer. 

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