Just messing about on the river

This is the end of our second full day in Bangkok. Kevin has succumbed to a nasty dose of food poisoning courtesy of British Airways so has been confined to the apartment. He hasn’t been at all well.

Which has meant that I have had to do the essentials shopping and sorting out by myself. I am quite proud of the fact that I can find my way (& back) to the local supermarket particularly as it involves a boat ride.

The boat is a free shuttle to the sky train stop but waiting for the boat allows time to admire the other craft on the river. One from a big hotel looks like a house  and is amazing when it is lit up at night.

Another is the long tail boat which is used for tourist rides which looks sleek as it skims over the water.

One of the things I have discovered is that the ticket touts for the long tail boat rides at the pier avoid you if you are carrying a large drying rack! The drying rack is quite an investment but an essential one. Clothes dry there is next to no time. Tomorrow I will venture out for an iron & ironing board.

In the meantime more revision on makerspaces in libraries…

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