The Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year 2022 is an extra special celebration for me this year as it ushers in the Year of the Tiger which is my birth year. Of all the zodiac animals this is one of the coolest (better than being a rat or a rooster!) but maybe not quite as cool as the dragon.

Tiger gifts

Tigers are people born in 2010, 1998, 1986. 1974, 1962 and 1950 (but not the January of those years as the Chinese zodiac follows the Lunar years.

We always decorate the library and even change all the face on book displays to ones with red covers. It makes the space feel lovely and warm.

Chinese New Year is always a lot of fun in the library. We dress in red and this year we have lots of tiger decorations.

… and Tiger stories. Here Pre-K are acting out the story of ‘It’s a Tiger’ with me (along with plenty of screaming)
I love the displays around the school

My team always get me a gift at Chinese New Year (I give them one at Christmas). This year was extra special as they got me all ready for my animal year. They really are the best and look after me so well.

I got a cosy red pajama set.

In the year of your zodiac animal you are supposed to face a year of challenges, set backs and bad luck. But you can counter this malign influence with the right protection

Here I am being given my protection
A beautiful red bracelet with a cute golden tiger in the centre. The bracelet has to be worn until the year is over and will protect me from evil spirits.

The bracelet has to be worn for the whole year and not taken off until the year of the rabbit starts in 2023. The bracelet is worn on the left hand because that is the hand that gains wealth and prosperity whereas the right hand is the one that spends the money!

There was also a set of red tiger themed socks. Apparently it is customary during the year of your animal that you wear hidden red ie red underwear. This is trickier for me to do as most of the underwear here does not come in ‘western’ sizes. I can do socks during the cold weather but I think that I will just have to rely on the bracelet for most of my protection this year.


I had the chance to do some calligraphy. This is the character for Tai. Not bad for a first attempt but I think that I need more practice.

All the shops are gearing up for the holiday season just like we do at Christmas. This one is aimed at us foreigners. This basket costs £90

In my cool new lion hoodie under the zodiac animal display
The library gave the gift of reading to each child in pre-school
Students did special activities in rotation on the last day of term.
The little ones did a parade of their own with lots of drum banging.
And kindergarten made cards
Here is Ms Baker with her blossom picture
We had a stunning back drop for photos in our Makerspace
With the library team
I even sang in mandarin!!! right hand side towards the back. See if you can spot me.

At the whole school assembly we were treated to a dragon dance

An edible tiger gift from the parents of the honeybee class. It’s lovely how the library staff are remembered and included.
Beautiful people. Everyone wears red
Our cheery little library mascot

5 thoughts on “The Year of the Tiger

  1. Such amazing photos X thank you for your informative blog X a very special year for you X three score years in the Autumn X
    Xin nian Kuai li to you and your Chinese colleagues


  2. Another amazing and informative article Lisa X a special Year for you with the big birthday in September X also Oliver getting married X I love the bracelet X my Cambodian bracelet finally snapped last year X have you still got yours? Life here plods on X taking Sue and Robert to turtle bay this afternoon to say thank you for Christmas dinner and feeding me when I watched strictly with them . I’m in Liverpool n in a couple of weeks with Louis (an 84 year old friend) going to the ballet and to a jazz evening X in April going to Knaresborough on my own for three nights X in May I’m off to Madeira X I’ve always wanted to go x In August I’m finally going on the Scenic Europe tour and in September on a paid for cruise with Debbie, Steve, Janice, Chris and Tonia X round the Mediterranean. Steven who lived with Janice for 10 years walked out in November X I never cared for him but …. Hope you and Kevin are well and you get to travel beyond China this year X roar like a Tiger 🐯🐅 in your special year X big hugs X

    On Sun, 30 Jan 2022, 12:29 Turning Life’s Pages, wrote:

    > turninglifespagesblog posted: ” Chinese New Year 2022 is an extra special > celebration for me this year as it ushers in the Year of the Tiger which is > my birth year. Of all the zodiac animals this is one of the coolest (better > than being a rat or a rooster!) Tiger gifts Tigers are” >


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