Fun Run

‘Mad dogs and British Schools go out in the midday sun’

Is the quote which springs to mind today.

It is the Shrewsbury Fun Run Day in support of local charities. We all bought the T shirt for 300 baht or £7 which is how the funds are raised.

You can see some of my team members here modelling the gear.

Very snazzy. All day the school was a sea of blue.

The early years did the course in the morning but the rest of us ran in teams of 4 during the afternoon.

Our team was made up of library and TA staff

Seen here looking cool and collected – ha ha. THAT was soon about to change.

I have been doing a weekly Zumba class since coming here so felt reasonably fit. Boy was I wrong.

The course was simply a lap of the field. No problem thought I. The seniors were due to do 2 laps. I can do that easy thought I. But I had reckoned with out the 34 degree blistering heat and 65% humidity.

Here is the field seen from our apartment

But what you can’t see is the water tunnel or the men throwing buckets of water or squirting hose pipes as we negotiated benches, jumps and other obstacles. Songkran style.

I was worried about my hearing aids as once you were on the course that was it!!! Fortunately Marivic had a small towel with her so I covered my ear & that protected my ears ok.

Oh and here we are at the end where I am doing an extremely good impression of a tomato. A soggy tomato is probably more accurate!

The whole course only took 15 minutes but I quickly realised that I hadn’t exercised my running legs in a looooong time!!!! Whole different set of muscles

But one thing is for sure. It was fun!!!

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