Myanmar’s markets

We love experiencing markets abroad. The ones in Myanmar have been so vibrant, bustling and full of wonderful items to buy. Everything is piled higgeldy piggeldy into a tiny space. The photos don’t really capture the atmosphere but we had a fascinating time.

I loved it that in Bagon the market sellers sit elevated along with their wares

In Bagan few locals have a fridge so the market is very busy early in the morning as people shop for their fresh produce to cook that day. Here is the fish section

We were quite the attraction being one of very few foreigners here so we had quite a few beggars following us. They are nothing if not persistent.  You can’t help feeling sorry for them though.

Of all the markets I have visited this was the one which is probably the most like markets were centuries ago (apart from the plastic chairs)

The other interesting shopping experience were the brilliantly coloured puppets which were strung

from trees all along the roadside to attract you into the stall.

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