City Campus

Shrewsbury is expanding rapidly and opening a further 4 Junior schools in September 18. Two in China, one in Hong Kong and one in Bangkok (to be called the City Campus)

Yesterday after work we had a visit to the new campus/building site which will become the new school. It has just rained so the site was awash with mud but we were all suitably impressed although as with any building project it all looks as though it can’t possibly be ready in time!!!

The new library building hasn’t been finished yet & there is much to do to get it all set up. You can see a picture here is a sample classroom.

The school certainly do know how to do hospitality and the spread was delicious. We even had decent wine which is particularly hard to come by here.  Trust me to be impressed by the food!

I have offered to assist with developing a new library- the adventure continues… and if anyone fancies a job out here we will be recruiting 

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