Thanks to all

As ‘removal day’ looms and our life here is packed up and put into storage Kevin and I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has sent us a card, given us a goodbye gift, fed us, taken us for coffee and wished us Bon voyage. It has been an emotional rollercoaster in these last few weeks but lovely to see so many of our good and caring friends.

So after wielding paintbrushes, cleaning cloths and packing tape we are finally ready to go. There were times when I wasn’t sure if we would get everything done in time but I think that we are just about there. Knackered but there.

It is probably true to say that there has been so much to do here to wrap everything up that I haven’t had much time or energy to think about what happens next. Every day has been a huge and growing list of tasks to complete against the looming deadline so the reality of what we are doing hasn’t fully sunk in yet. Relocating to Thailand has so far, been an abstract concept, one that we have been working towards but still far away. But now it’s all becoming real.

We will miss Morecambe and we will miss our friends and family but we would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all of you for being there for us. 

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