Life after Cumbria

I have been encouraged to write a blog to document the adventure which Kevin and I are about to embark on. So here goes…

Redundancy has been a theoretical concept, once which I have been fully on board with until this week when we had our last day at work, had a farewell gift, card and party. Huge thanks to Carne for letting us join her leaving do.

Now the reality has hit home. We don’t have to go to bed early to get up for work the next morning. I don’t have to buy things for packed lunches in the weekly shop. We have technically joined the ranks of the unemployed!!! To be honest it all feels a bit surreal.

Thank goodness we have LOTS to do to keep us fully occupied



Sorting out



But my dbs hasn’t yet arrived so I haven’t been able to apply for our visas. Stress. I have the plane ticket but NO VISA!!!

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